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Bell Prinicpal with two students
Geoffry Curtis

Geoffry Curtis

Principal, Administrator
Christine Parrottino

Christine Parrottino

Assistant Principal, Administrator

Principal's Welcome

Dear Bell Middle School Community, 

I’m excited to welcome our students, staff, parents, and guardians to the Bell community. At Bell, our commitment to cultivating an inclusive environment underscores the belief that students are more likely to thrive academically, socially, and personally when they feel a part of the community. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. I am particularly excited about the learning opportunities offered in our state-of-the-art STEAM Center. This innovative space provides students with hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that are essential for success in the 21st century.

I encourage parents, guardians, and students to participate in the ongoing dialogue shaping our building. Your insights, support, and collaboration are integral to maintaining an atmosphere where everyone feels heard, respected, and appreciated.

Let us continue to foster an environment where belonging is not just a concept but a lived experience. Together, we can make Bell Middle School a place where every student feels a deep connection and a true sense of belonging, from our historic building to our Bulldog mascot - we want this to be a great place to be every day!

Thank you for being an essential part of our community.

Geoff Curtis
Principal, Bell Middle School